Applying Technology,

                                 Nurturing Life

            The main challenger for doctors is to maintain the right balance between patient care and  continuing education. They need to stay informed, have access to relevant and reliable information, and to continually update their knowledge in order to provide the best possible patient care. 

            In today’s information age these issues are more pertinent than ever before. So, how do you cope? By taking advantage of the tools of today – Computers. 

            Computers have made it possible to do most of the routine tasks of clinical practice in a more efficient manner. They allow more time to pursue knowledge, and provide access to the sources of knowledge as well. The internet has opened up brand new ways of communication, so that keeping current with happenings all over the world is simple, fast, free and convenient. 

            However, the present medical education system has been slow in waking up to this phenomenal new tool, and many doctors still find computers to be alien to their profession. Many on the other hand would like to explore this new world, but find themselves at a loss about where to start. 

            This website is meant to help you start the journey to explore the fascination world of computers. It is an attempt to give you the most relevant information that will allow you to use the computer effectively in your profession. It will surely not make you an expert on computers, but being ‘friends’ with computers Is bound to change your professional life for the better.


            Welcome to Computing and Internet !  

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